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Fairy Ornaments

by Molly Dean on 06/16/15

Fairy ornaments bring cheer to sun rooms, enclosed porches, and many types of living areas. Try hanging a few of our sparkly ones to indoor trees or plants. Check out our 'Fairies' Gallery to see many new ornaments. A few sometimes appear on our other gallery pages.

And the winner is...

by Molly Dean on 11/13/13

Ragsy-Tagsy as new C.E.O. We have decided that age and experience are some of the most important qualities for this title.

New C.E.O.

by Molly Dean on 10/10/13

People always ask how our business got its name. It was in honor of our beloved little gray cat 'Tuffy.' She lived to be eighteen and was unusually interested in braids, ribbons, and lace--if she could get her paws on them! Of most importance, she brightened out lives.

A new C.E.O. will be appointed soon. See the candidates below. From left to right: R. Tagsy, Lucy, Big Alice, Mr. Tuff, and Smoky. Stay tuned for further developments.


by Molly Dean on 01/23/11

Along with so much of the country, we were half buried under snow for several weeks. But can spring be far behind? Well, maybe. But it helps to think ahead to butterflies, blossoms, and birds. Be sure to check out our new Butterfly Gallery soon (still under construction). Also, our new Personalized Ornaments. You send a photo, and we make an ornament with it as the focus. Some ideas: kids, pets, wedding couples, graduation. A lot of our ornaments would make great Valentine or Easter keepsakes.

Thanks to Sherrie for her kind comments and inspiration in general.


by Molly Dean on 10/22/10

October has been busy at Gray Cat Ornaments. We have recently designed a new line of Fairy Ornaments. Some are for sale on ebay. Others are on our new 'Fairies' page. Come check these out!

We've acquired a collection of vintage ornaments that you can see in our 'Vintage' section. All were made in the sixties and seventies, are satin-ball based, and in reds, greens, golds, and silvers.

Also, expect new Peacock Ornaments soon. 

R. Tagsy. New C.E.O of Gray Cat Ornaments