Gallery Five
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Beaded Cameo Ornament with Velvet and Lace 
A 203

Has a dark red velvet backdrop--and is trimmed with cameos, ornate braids, lace, pearls and clear beaded tassel.

Blue and Silver Jeweled Ornament with Fairy

Cameo features fairy on butterfly, blue against black.Has blue silk backdrop--and is trimmed with lace, blue swarovski glass beads, pearls,,and silver tassel..
Victorian Style  Beaded Ornament, Purple and Amber
A 235

Has lavender fabric backdrop. Features amber colored cabochon. Trimmed with lace flowers, braids, stones, pearls, amber beaded tassel, and dangle drop.
 Jeweled Victorian Butterfly Ornament 

Cardboard butterfly is trimmed with blue fabric and trimmed with braid, stones, sequins, and glitter. Decorated both sides. .

Red Victorian Style Ornament with Black Flower Cameo

Features cream on black cameo of rose. Has a red fabric backdrop--and is trimmed with ornate braids, rose, red, and gold beads, and gold tassel
Green, Silver Beaded, Jeweled Butterfly Ornament with

Features lovely butterfly finding, and is trimmed with green stones, pearls, sheer braid, and silver tassel
Each of our ornaments is one-of-a-kind. Once it is sold you cannot buy another one exactly like it.

One-of-a-Kind Beaded and Jeweled Ornaments
Size: approx. 5 by 6 inches
Price:  $17.75
Size: 3 by 6 and a half inches
Price:  $23.75
Size: approx. 3 by 5 inches
Price:  $22.75
Size: approx. 3 by 7 and a half inches
Price:  $25.75
Size: approx. 3 by 7 inches
Price:  $24.75
Price:  $24.75
Size: 3 by 6 and a half inches 
Pale Gold Beaded, Jeweled Ornament with
Many Stones and Pearls 

Features cabochons and stones. Colors: mainly gold and silver. Trimmed with finding, pearls, braids, and sequins
Size: 3 by 6 and a half inches 
Purple Beaded, Jeweled Egg Ornament with

Features silk butterflies trimmed with sequins and beads. Colors: mostly purple, lavender, and gold. Trimmed with finding, pearls, braid, and cord.
Size: 3 by 5 inches 
Price:  $22.75
Price: $22.75